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Adirondack Riverwalking and Forest Bathing


Whether you are a first time visitor or a regular to the Adirondacks, we look forward to guiding you on unique outdoor experiences that can transform how you perceive and relate to nature, allowing you to feel yourself a part of the land, in an atmosphere that fosters community and wellbeing. We carefully create sensory adventures that ignite your sense of wonder and renew your childhood playfulness without the pressure of goals or objectives. Your wellbeing, and nature's, are at the heart of everything we do.

Riverwalking (summer only) Suited in waterproof waders and wading boots, discover all the life in and surrounding the river. From this unique perspective, immersed in the water, your guide will help you explore the river safely and build new memories that last a lifetime.

Forest Bathing (available year-round) Imagine yourself in a forest. Notice what's moving around you. Gently cup your ears forward with your hands, like deer ears, to amplify the forest sounds. A woodpecker? The breeze rustling in the leaves? Hone into each sound. Inhale the aromas of the forest, the scent of moist soil, the scent of wildflowers. Touch the variety of textures around you, moss, tree bark, plants...This is just the beginning of your forest bathing journey. Visit our website to learn more about Riverwalking and Forest Bathing and to book your next experience!