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Artisanal Brew Works


Vibe: Quinn tells TBM, “We’ve moved into our 10,000 sq ft building, right now we’re occupying ¼ of the building while renovations for a restaurant and brewery take place. Our Beer Garten currently consists of a huge patio with views of the woods, and a decent sized lawn. A large pergola and extensive landscaping should be completed by early fall. The inside is well appointed and full of light as the picture shows.”

Food: A food truck is on site Wednesday through Sunday, check social media for our current food truck offerings.

Beer Philosophy: “We create high quality craft style beers that appeal to consumers who are looking for local, fresh, handcrafted beers. It is important to us to produce a selection of beers that appeals to different segments within the market as well as beers for the most discerning craft beer enthusiast.”

That One Thing: “We share a deep passion for quality craft beer, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Life is too short to be pretentious.”