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Big Mountain Deli & Creperie


After spending summers in the Adirondacks as a child, Phoebe Burns decided to make the beautiful Olympic town her home. Phoebe and her mother Holly, with a passion for food, started Simply Gourmet and then soon Big Mountain Deli and Creperie. Since then they have been serving up high-quality food and service to both the travelers and locals alike. Established in 2007.


Accessible Amenities

Blind/Low Vision
  • Blind/Low Vision Accommodations:
  • Signage: Yes
  • Staff Orientation to Venue: Yes
  • Accessible Amenities:
  • Accessible Car Parking Onsite: Partial
  • Accessible Van Parking Onsite: Partial
  • Unisex/Companion Bathroom: Yes
  • Staff Menu Assistance: Yes
Mobility/Wheelchair Access
  • Mobility/Wheelchair Access Accommodations:
  • Accessible Entrance: Yes
  • Accessible Route: Partial
  • Low Service Counter or Window: Yes
  • Accessible Dining Tables: Yes