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Butcher's Son Corning


Butcher’s Son is a modern take on the classic butcher shop that has become nearly extinct. Our goal is to provide the Corning area with locally sourced meats of the highest quality with care, while building connections between local farmers and our customers. Owner Cameron Matthews is a second generation butcher that spent most his life at well known family butcher shop Kings Market in Savona NY. With the addition of years of culinary experience with 8 years as a caterer, Cameron attended ICE culinary institute in Manhattan and received an International Culinary with honors. After which he spent time honing his skills in 6 different Michelin starred restaurants in NYC. He brings his passion for culinary and the world of sustainable butchery together Butcher’s Son a butcher shop in Corning that will change the way we look at food. Do you know what your eating? do you know where it comes from? Most of us eat meat a majority of the week, but where does it come from? More than likely from factory farms in the Midwest, where animals spend most their lives in cages, injected with growth hormones and preventive antibiotics. Supermarket chains Buy portions of these animals from a small pool of sub-primal cuts to maximize profits without any regard for the waste or damage caused by factory farming. Butcher’s Son takes pride in supplying our customers with 100% locally sourced meats from our farm partners all in the Corning area. Our goal is to provide stewardship to the animal as we implement culinary techniques to utilize virtually the entire animal. We don’t receive our meats in boxes or bags like the massive supermarket chains, nothing is pre cut in a factory in china, Everything we do is local. Our meat comes in large primals, halves, or even whole carcasses, all from local farms. We offer custom cut meats of the very best quality and lineage with the primary goal being sustainability. We age beef in house to provide unrivaled taste and texture that supermarkets cant compete with. we also produce a line of in-house produced charcuterie, deli meats, and ever changing sausage recipes. Overwhelmed or nervous about smoking meats? Participate in one of our pit mastery classes and become an expert in smoking brisket, pork butt, ribs and more. Attend a class and broaden your recipe index and knowledge of cooking seasonal cuts of meat. Get the most out of any grill and learn to produce restaurant quality meats at home by attending our grill mastery class. Become informed and connect yourself with local farmers at our meet the farmer dinner events and find out how much care goes into all our products. Attend our tasting dinners and explore new cuts of meat you cant buy at any major chain. What you eat Matters, where it comes from Matters, who produces it matters, who you buy it from matters, YOU MATTER TO US! we hope you are as excited as we are and we cant wait to see you. lets change the way we eat XOXO Butcher’s Son