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CAE Gallery


CAE Gallery, the "biggest, little gallery" in Buffalo is located in North Buffalo. Usual business hours are Wednesday - Saturday from noon until 5:00PM. There will be extended hours until 7PM on Friday and Saturday through Christmas. Its proprietors, Jim and Mary Casion, have spent their adult lives collecting fine art prints and want to enable others to share the joy of owning and displaying fine art. The gallery sells pieces representing over 75 artists: some well known masters (Dali, Renoir, Mattisse, VanGogh), some popular (Chagall, Christensen, Doolitle, Warhohl), some up-and-coming (Kef!,Shepard Fairey), and some just fun to have. All are wonderful to own! The inventory spans centuries of art from The Renaissance to modern day thus representing many genres of print making: engraving, etching, wood cuts, lithographs, and giclee. Many of the prints are already beautifully framed and one "only needs a nail" to receive their full enjoyment. Come in and see our collection and start (or add to) your own!