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Cicero Family Sports Center


Indoors: This complex includes two 185' x 85' sport field turf multi-use indoor fields with dasher boards, WiFi access, a 9' x 12' big screen projector with Time Warner cable & laptop compatibility for presentations, seating for 320 spectators in bleachers, men's and women's changing areas and restrooms, 60' Flat screen tv, a banquet room, meeting room, video arcade, a 4,000-square-foot mezzanine for viewing, Strides Fitness Center, & Bella Bakery Snack Shop. The event room has a full kitchen, fireplace, couches, flat screen tv with Time Warner Cable, DVD, stereo & surround sound system, access for a stage, and private bathroom. Outdoors: Total of Six Outdoor fields: three 110 yd x 70 yd multipurpose natural grass fields, two 70 yd x 40 yd multipurpose natural grass fields, one 90 yd x 70 yd multipurpose natural grass field. Picnic area, outdoor Kickwall, and a 250-car parking lot.


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