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Cone Five Gallery


Clay artisan Greg Link's interest in his craft began with collecting work by local ceramic artists. A self-taught artist, he soon developed that interest into an art-making passion that includes a retail facility where he sells his own work (as well as other regional craft artisans) and teaches ceramics classes. With seven pottery wheels and two electric kilns, this full-service pottery studio is well equipped to provide training for individuals, with a range of skill levels, in a unique environment. Link specializes in functional ceramics (all of them are microwave and dishwasher safe) that are made of stoneware and decorated with lead free glazes, all made on site. He firmly believes that pottery is meant to be used and enjoyed every day, a belief shared by many craftsmen who create handmade objects crafted with, as Link describes, a lot of thought, time and devotion to design and function."


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