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Copake Iron Works


An official Path Through History Site! The Copake Iron Works historic site, one of the most intact examples of 19th century industrial iron making in the northeast. The site is home to more remaining buildings and structures -including the centerpiece Copake Blast Furnace with its water jacket hearth- than most other iron works of its era. Established by 19th century industrialist Lemuel Pomeroy in 1845 at the base of the Taconic Ridge in Copake Falls, New York, the iron works operated from 1845 until 1903. Components of this extraordinarily intact 19th century industrial complex include the rare blast furnace, the blowing engine house, a machine shop museum with original equipment and artifacts, an original condition iron workers’ residence, a Carpenter-Gothic style office building, and the elegant residence of Isaac Chesbrough, one of the first iron masters for the site. A three-mile loop trail circumnavigating the Copake Iron Works Historic District and Bash Bish Falls State Park has been extensively interpreted with signage designed and installed by Friends of Taconic State Park with assistance from the New York State Bureau of Historic Sites. Interpretive brochures available. Designated a Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area Site.