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Cowbella Creamery


At Cowbella Creamery cows are family, and family is at the heart of everything they do on the 200 year old Danforth Jersey Farm. It’s been in the family for 7 generations, and they thrive by milking a small herd of 40 Jerseys with names like Godiva, Juniper, and Firework. These cows live a life of love on grass, sunshine, and fresh air. They graze on 70 acres of farmland that meets the cows' needs. The milk is finally turned into the rich Cowbella butter right on the farmstead's creamery. The butter making roots run deep on the farm. Martha Danforth was in our 2nd generation and the only other woman to take the reins after her husband's sudden passing. She kept the farm alive by making butter with her 5 daughters and only son, Everett. Martha and her oldest daughter Hattie sent their butter to the 1893 Chicago World's Fair and won awards of excellence that hang proudly in the farmhouse kitchen. Being inspired by Martha, Cowbella Creamery built their farmstead creamery right onto the farm in 2010. Keeping the butter legacy going strong and keeping the farm's history alive for many generations to come. Experience the magic of real life farming at its finest and taste the love that is put into every product.