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Cowbella Creamery


Family is at the heart of everything at 200+-year-old Danforth Jersey Farm. Family-run for seven generations, with a small herd of 40 Jerseys with names like Godiva, Juniper, and Firework. The Jerseys live a life of love on grass, sunshine, and fresh air, grazing 70 wide open acres on Catskills pastures. They shelter the herd in a warm tie stall barn in inclement weather and they make feed for them when the pasture cannot of dry or fermented hay that they harvest from their own fields. They ensure all their needs are met with supplemental grain, and they turn their milk into Cowbella butter at the farmstead creamery. Buttermaking roots run deep on the farm. Experience the magic of grazing Jersey milk, and taste the love the family puts into everything they do.