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Crown Heights North Historic District


An official Path Through History Site! In 1854 the area became a desirable suburban location in Brooklyn, resulting in freestanding villas set on spacious lots. The oldest house, dating from the 1850’s, the George B. and Susan Elkins House, still stands today at 1375 Dean Street. Beginning in the 1870’s, and continuing into the beginning of the 20th century, speculative row houses were built in the area. Improved transportation, the 1883 opening of the Brooklyn Bridge, and the 1888 opening of the Kings County Elevated Railway, brought in wealthy and upper middle class residents. The Grant Square area and St. Marks Avenue became two of the wealthiest neighborhoods of all of Brooklyn. Important architects brought their talents to Crown Heights, designing many of the magnificent mansions, churches, apartment buildings, and rows upon rows of impressive and beautiful Queen Anne, Renaissance, and Romanesque Revival row house masterpieces. By the 1930’s, many of the mansions were replaced by the large Tudor and medieval inspired apartment buildings that line St. Marks, New York and Brooklyn Avenues.


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