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East Hill Creamery


East Hill Creamery has taken the ideal of traditional farmstead cheese and elevated it. They use raw milk from pasture-fed cows exclusively from their own dairy farm and combine it with a modern take on a time-honored traditional cheese making method. East Hill’s first cheese was born—an earthy, semifirm, three-month-aged, raclette-style cheese called Underpass. This initial offering gave way to Underpass Reserve, a firmer, bolder version that is cave-aged for eleven months, and Happy Accident, a creamy, tangy raclette that came to be an unintended favorite. Then, finally, came the comté-style cheese that sparked the Burleys’ fromage foray in the first place, and made East Hill the only producer of comté cheese in the United States. The firm, nutty cheese named Silver Lake, made in sixty-pound wheels that are aged for a full year, won a blue ribbon at the New York State Fair last year in the Farmstead Artisan Hard Cheese category (Buffalo Spree, April 2019). In addition to their artisanal cheese, they have a gift shop where you can buy cheese, branded materials, and other locally-sourced goods from the community. They also offer lunch specials if you’re looking for unique and inspired meals. In the second story of their facility, they have The Chalet at East Hill – a gorgeous event venue that features Amish post-and-beam construction in red oak, hemlock, and white pine and huge colonial windows, offering a lovely balance of woodsy charm and modern sophistication.