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Fairy Springs Park


Fairy Spring Park: Entrance on East Lake Rd ~1 mile north of the Village of Cooperstown, on the left.

The park consists of 31.7 acres within the Town of Middlefield and owned by the Village of Cooperstown. The park is bisected by County Route 31. 5.7 acres lie west of Route 31 along the eastern shore of Otsego Lake. The remaining 26 undeveloped acres lie east of Route 31. 

**Small parking lot just off the road and there is a steep stairway down to Lakefront**

Facilities & Amenities

  • 66’ x 19’ Pavilion (WPA construction) with stone fireplace and unfurnished kitchen space
  • Caretaker facility/changing rooms (7 stalls for men; 6 for women)
  • Restrooms for men and women (2 toilets and 1 lavoratory each)
  • Shoreline is narrow (not a sandy beach) and a swimming dock
  • Boat dock (30 feet)
  • Stationery cookers, picnic tables
  • Barbeque cookers


  • Swimming from swim dock
  • Day use boat parking on boat dock
  • Picnicking
  • Private parties
  • Community events (fireworks, etc.)

Use of the Park for organized events requires Permit application to the Village of Cooperstown; pavilion rental requires Permit application.