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Fort Bull

Fort Bull monument
Photo Credit: Rome Historical Society
Fort Bull site
Photo Credit: Rome Historical Society
Fort Bull monument and landscape
Photo Credit: Rome Historical Society

An official Path Through History Site! In 1755 two forts were built by the British to protect each end of the Oneida Carrying Place, a strategic land portage located between the Mohawk River and Wood Creek. Fort Bull (Wood Creek Fort) named after its commander Lt. William Bull was located on the western side and served as a supply depot. Recognizing the strategic importance and the need to disrupt this British supply line between Albany and Oswego the French sent Lt. Gaspard-Joseph Chaussegros de Léry with a force of more than 360 to attack the Oneida Carry. After marching for two weeks, de Léry arrived along the carry road on March 27, 1756. He ambushed a supply convoy and initiated his attack. More than 60 British were killed or captured, the fort was destroyed and its stores were blown up or dumped into Wood Creek. Within a month of its destruction, the British began constructing Fort Wood Creek to replace Fort Bull. The earthworks of Fort Wood Creek still remain today along with a large boulder monument placed on the site in 1907 in recognition of the Battle of Fort Bull. Listed on the State and National Register of Historic Places, Fort Bull-Fort Wood Creek continues to remain subject to looting and exploitation. The Rome Historical Society is the sole owner of the Fort Bull - Fort Wood Creek property and the only authority authorized to provide access.

To schedule a tour contact the Rome Historical Society at 315-336-5870 or director@romehistoricalsociety.org


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