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Greyton H. Taylor Wine Museum

Greyton Taylor Museum interior
Photo Credit: Bully Hill Vineyards
Greyton Taylor Museum courtesy Bully Hill Vineyards

ABOUT The Museum houses a comprehensive of vintage winemaking equipment, rare bottles and artifacts with focus on American winemaking and cooperage; as well as the Walter S. Taylor Art Gallery. The Greyton H. Taylor Wine Museum is dedicated to Walter S. Taylor's father Greyton Hoyt Taylor. In the late 1960’s Greyton H Taylor’s son, Walter, founded Bully Hill Vineyards on the original Taylor Winery site. The Greyton H. Taylor Wine Museum’s purpose is to educate the public on the American wine industry and turn of the century cooperage. Housing the Walter S. Taylor Gallery, we further his creative spirit by showcasing his prolific and eclectic catalog. REPLICA COOPER SHOP The Cooper Shop Building is a replica of the Hammondsport Cooperage Company 1875-1915. The building has an outstanding collection of Coopers tools along with a 70 minute film on the art of barrel making. Memorabilia from the early days of the New York State wine industry may also be found. WINE MUSEUM The museum is home to an extensive collection of antique winemaking equipment, Prohibition memorabilia, historic artifacts from the early NY wine industry and a collection of Presidential wine glasses dating back to Abraham Lincoln. WALTER S. TAYLOR ART GALLERY Newly renovated, the Walter S. Taylor Art Gallery is filled with over 200 pieces of work from the brush of one of the most creative and provocative artists in the New York State wine industry. Some of the work on display consists of the original label paintings which can still be seen on most Bully Hill Vineyard wines.



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