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Grindstone Island Preserves, Potters Beach & Nature Trail


TILT conserves over 40% of Grindstone Island, the 4th largest island in the 1000 Islands. Several preserves on the interior of Grindstone Island, including the Howard-Smith and Rusho Farm Preserves, are conserving the agricultural heritage of the island, as well as sensitive habitat for various native species. The Heinman Songbird Forest is the breeding ground for neotropical migratory songbirds, those birds that winter in Central American and return to North America for the summer season. Potters Beach is one of the only naturally occurring sandy beaches in the 1000 Islands, and has been a popular summertime destination for generations. The Grindstone Island Nature Trail winds its way from Canoe Point to Picnic Point State Parks, through land owned by TILT and owned by the State of New York.


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