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Gull Bay Preserve - Lake George Land Conservancy


The Lake George Land Conservancy’s purchase of the Gull Bay Preserve, located in the Town of Putnam, Washington County, marked a significant conservation success in 2003. This 434-acre woodland hillside property contains old logging roads and two wetland swamps, which represent the southern portion of Sucker Brook, one of the most important wetlands in the Lake George watershed. In autumn, significant numbers of migratory waterfowl rest in the wetland before their journey south to warmer climates. The western side of the property has a magnificent scenic vista of Lake George. The Lake George Land Conservancy maintains more than four miles of hiking trails and hosts field trips for local schools and clubs. The Gull Bay Preserve has long been a popular destination for those wishing to see a great blue heron rookery (nesting colony) during its active season of March through July. Unfortunately, only one or two herons have nested there in the last few years. Though rookeries may be used for decades, there are several factors that may cause site abandonment, including increased predation, a loss of food availability, human disturbance, and death of trees supporting the nests.