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Hue Studio Fine Art Academy


This fine art academy is home to local & aspiring artists wanting to learn new techniques & harness their creativity in an inspiring & relaxing atmosphere. Kids of all ages, teenagers needing help with their portfolios & adults at all skill levels are welcome to join us at Hue Studio. Hue Studio believes that there is no one way, or right way of producing art. Creativity is an innate ability that involves individuality, self-expression, problem solving & joy. Every individual's life experiences are different. Therefore, each individual's approach to creation will also be different, but isn’t that what makes life beautiful? Our instructors will help each student find their own style & embrace it. Learning different techniques through innovative projects, while incorporating the voice & style of each artist. We are all problem solvers. Therefore, we are all creators. Hue Studio encourages the opportunity for each student to learn from one another. With that being said, we are also believers that true learning comes from experimenting, trial & error, but on top of that art is a visual & tactile experience in which we nurture with true instruction & hands-on lessons.