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Huntington Lighthouse Preservation Society


Constructed in 1912, the Huntington Lighthouse is also unique in both design and construction. The Venetian Renaissance (Beaux Art) style makes the light look like a small castle. The all-volunteer society has invested more than $1 million to add rock riprap around the base of the lighthouse to protect it against the constant battering of waves.

For 2024, the society is replacing the windows with custom-built units that preserve the structure’s historic design. Improvements are also being made to the interior, where lightkeepers labored to keep the light on day after day, between 1912 and 1948. Since then, the light itself has been fully automated; the device is still maintained by the Coast Guard.

The Huntington Lighthouse Preservation Society is powered by a small but dedicated team of volunteers. The society’s most important fund-raiser is Musicfest, which is held annually around Labor Day and features a half dozen bands playing at the lighthouse. It’s the only music festival in the world held on top of a working lighthouse in the middle of the water. Thousands arrive by boat, kayak, and stand-up paddle board to enjoy the event. Tours of the lighthouse are also available.



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