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Inner Peace Floats


Inner Peace Floats offers private float rooms where you shower and enter your float space - there’s 1,000 lbs. of pharmaceutical grade Epsom salt dissolved in only 10 inches of water. The water and air temperature is only 94 degrees – roughly the same temperature as your body. You lay back and essentially just, “float!” With no stress on your joints and muscles this gives your body a chance to relax, the Epsom salt is what keeps you, “a float” and is good for aches and pains, AND if you choose to turn the soft lighting provided in each room off, you’ll get to experience the benefits of sensory deprivation. Imagine a full 90-minutes where you’re not being bombarded by external stimuli! Your session ends with soft music playing letting you know it’s time to come back to your physical self, shower, and go back out into the “real” world a better person!