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Inside Out Tours provides off-the-beaten-path bus and walking tours of New York City, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Harlem and Queens. They offer gospel tours, jazz house tours, historic tours, art tours, food tours and shopping tours in four languages—French, Spanish, Italian and English. In addition to daily excursions, Inside Out can provide customized itineraries of NYC. Founded by two native New Yorkers, the company runs tours highlighting establishments that locals frequent and that share a common theme of civic responsibility. Guests do not simply observe from a distance on tours, but are able to taste regional food, listen to gospel music, view street art and visit famous landmarks, all while being immersed in the City’s vibrant and diverse neighborhoods. Inside Out Tours also takes pride in their social mission: to tell diverse stories of people who have made a difference in New York City history and using tourism to empower communities and preserve cultural traditions and historical sights.


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