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Iron Smoke Distillery


Iron Smoke Distillery is a small batch, farm to table Distillery in Fairport, NY. How it started - In 2011, in the backyard over some whiskey and a loaded smoker when our founder and chief trailblazer – musician Tommy Brunett, came up with the concept of combining two great American past times: great bourbon/whiskey making with an added subtle hint of Applewood BBQ’s smoked goodness. Our internationally acclaimed NYS farm distillery in Fairport, NY is now where the magic happens. It all starts with the finest locally sourced ingredients from family owned farms in the Finger Lakes Region. Our unique proprietary four grain mash bill is hand selected from the finest corn wheat, barley and rye in our region. In 2018, Iron Smoke's World Famous Watering Hole and Sideshow was established, featuring a live event space and fully licensed bar on site. Our tasting room features all New York State wine, beer, and spirits. Twenty two beers from IPA’s to IPZ’s and two rotating drafts. Even though whiskey may be the main attraction here at Iron Smoke Distillery, we feature live acts in our Sideshow area! There are weekly concerts and entertainment on our Sideshow stage. https://ironsmokedistillery.com/visit/#sideshow The Sideshow is also up for grabs for any event! Book your birthday parties, corporate shin-digs, weddings, seances and more! Tours & Tastings - All tours must be scheduled in advance. Please allow for one week’s notice for any tours… whiskey up! Checkout the amazing products:https://ironsmokedistillery.com/products/ Checkout the awards: https://ironsmokedistillery.com/about/#about-awards Find Iron Smoke products near you: https://ironsmokedistillery.com/find-near-you/ Cocktails to enjoy: https://ironsmokedistillery.com/cocktails/