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Jerome's U-Pick


Enjoy roaming through our vineyard with your family selecting the choicest clusters of your favorite variety of grapes. Savor the grape aroma as you overlook the beautiful Naples Valley with its surrounding hills of ever-changing fall foliage. A trip to Jerome's U-Pick makes a delightful and memorable jaunt for the young and old alike. All our 14 varieties are available for "you-picking", depending only on ripeness and availability. Keep in mind, not all varieties ripen at the same time. The season usually begins shortly after Labor Day and continues until the later part of October or until the harvest is complete. We ask that you bring shears (we have a limited quantity) but we do have containers available. Baskets of grapes can be purchased at our retail stand. Larger quantities can be picked for you on order if you prefer. Our grape season hours are 9 am to 6 pm daily. Jerome's U-Pick became part of our 8-generation "Century Farm" operation in 1958, as one of the first "pick your own" farms in the area, trying to give people quality fruit at a reasonable price. Our policy has always been to give the customers the best we have - not the leftovers after the commercial harvest. We're located 2 miles south of Naples, New York on Route 53. For current weather conditions at the farm, be sure to check the Weather Widget on to the right of this text. If you want to check on what's available for picking please call 1-800-UPICKIT. We're looking forward to seeing you!


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