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John Golden Theatre


The John Golden Theatre was originally built in 1927 as the Theatre Masque by real-estate magnates the Chanin Brothers as part of a three-theatre complex that also included the Royale (a midsize house) and the Majestic (a large house). The Theatre Masque, the most intimate of the three, was designed for serious dramas. In 1930, the Chanins transferred ownership of all three venues to the Shuberts. In 1937, when John Golden assumed its management, he renamed it after himself, the third playhouse to bear his name. The Shuberts took back control of the theatre in 1946, turning it into a film house for two years before restoring it to legitimacy in the late 1940s. Stereophonic is currently playing at the Golden Theatre. The Golden Theatre has 802 seats and is one of the Shubert Organization‘s 17 Broadway theatres.