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Jordanville Public Library

Jordanville Public Library, exterior
Photo Credit: Management of Jordanville Public Library
Roosevelt dedication at Jordanville Public Library

The Jordanville Public Library is on the National Historic Register It is a fully operational Public School District Library. Brochures, displays, pictures (photos and paintings) and artifacts through out the library tell the library's history and staff are prepared to take visitors on a 15 minute tour telling how the library was built by Douglas and Corinne Roosevelt Robinson and Dedicated by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1908. The new "Local History Room" which is maintained by the Town of Warren Historical Society has pictures and artifacts on display of historic sites throughout the town of Warren. Exhibits of interest: Photos, postcards and registry (which includes Pres. TR Roosevelt, Elihu Root and several Roosevelt family members) from the August 26, 1908 dedication. "Two sided painting" (Washington & Adams) mysterious origin. Artifacts and photos of "Henderson House" also know as "Gelston Castle" and it's familial connection to the library through the Robinson Family. Artifacts and photos of local history locations, including past and present churches, grange halls, cemeteries and estates. Photographs and paintings of members of the Robinson family (descendants of President Monroe), The Roosevelt Family, The Belle family (donators of the library property) and landscapes by local artists.


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