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Leo P. Ostebo Kings Park Heritage Museum


An official Path Through History Site! The Leo P. Ostebo Kings Park Heritage Museum is located in the Ralph J. Osgood Intermediate School Building, (circa 1928), on the corner of 99 Old Dock Road and 101 Church Street in the North Shore Long Island town of Kings Park. All visitors are scheduled for private tours in groups up to 10. Visitors will experience a walk through time and relive the rich history of historic Kings Park from the Revolutionary War, the Spanish American War and the Howard Orphanage to the Grumman Space Program and the Kings Park Asylum and Hospital and more! The museum wing includes 10 rooms and exhibit showcases, as well as, a library of pictures and articles. The museum Adult Education Evening Classes sponsored by the KPCSD Programs are available through www.kpcsd.org. There are more than 10 books and pamphlets written about Kings Park by resident historian authors available for sale. In June 2018, The American Association for State and Local History (AASLH) proudly announced that Leo P. Ostebo is the recipient of an Award of Merit for Curation and Directorship of this site.