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Limani Grille


Welcome to Limani. Our priority is to provide you ~ our friends, with the best ingredients, produce, seafood and fish that the world has to offer. All made possible through relationships with purveyors, farmers and fishermen domestically and from the Mediterranean. These purveyors supply us with all of our premium products while maintaining sound environmental practices and maintaining the core values of the Mediterranean diet. In efforts to source the premier elements which exemplify the Mediterranean way of life, we have uncovered very special products and ingredients. Whether it is the premium first-pressed, cold-pressed olive oil from the Peloponnese, jewels of fish and seafood, local organic vegetables, boutique small-batch items such as capers from Santorini or Saffron from Kozani, you will find them all at Limani. The highest quality ingredients, the freshest seafood grouped with Limani’s rendition of Greek hospitality are all part of the recipe ~ perfect in its simplicity. Welcome to our home and enjoy!