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LT. Michael P. Murphy Navy SEAL Museum


The LT Michael P. Murphy Navy SEAL Museum & Sea Cadet training facility is the nation’s only living museum. We celebrate the history of U.S. Naval Special Warfare Operators and operate a sea school for children ages 10-18 through the US Navy Sea Cadets. We are the second Navy SEAL Museum to be built to commemorate, reflect and honor U.S. Naval Special Warfare Operators. Our carefully curated Museum aims to capture the spirit, ideals and values governing the SEAL community. Films, videos and artifacts are artfully displayed to help visitors make personal and emotional connections with Special Warfare operators. The Museum honors all those who served including those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Such sacrifices in the service of our great nation must never be forgotten. The Museum houses separate rooms portraying different stages of U.S. Naval Special Warfare Operator history. Of special note is the display for Operation Red Wings, which took place in the mountains of Afghanistan. Red Wings marked the largest loss of life in U.S. Special Forces history. Eight United State Army Nightstalkers and eleven SEALS were killed in action including LT Michael P. Murphy, a Medal of Honor recipient and SEAL in whose name the Museum is dedicated. Our goal is for visitors to have an informative and inspiring experience. We want visitors to understand the meaning and price of freedom. We aim to show you the fullest meaning there is of putting service above self.