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McConnellsville Golf Club


18 holes, 6250 yards, par 70. Founded in 1941, this is an 18-hole, public golf course located in McConnellsville, New York. In 1941 the McConnell and the Charboneau farms were transformed into a nine-hole golf course, a project jointly financed by the Frank S. Harden Co. (Harden Furniture) and the Camden Wire Co. (International Wire). The conception and the planning came from the vision of Harry Harden, Charles Harden and Clarence Harden. The Charboneau Farmhouse served as the original Club House for more than 20 years and in September of 1964 a cornerstone was installed in the foundation of the present Club House, in Memory of Harry A. Harden.


Things To Do

  • Golf:
Outdoor Adventures
  • Golf-Cart Rentals:
  • Golf-Holes: 18
  • Golf-Par: 70
  • Golf-Pro Shop:
  • Golf-Yards: 6250
Winter Activities
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