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Mohawk Golf Club


The Mohawk Golf Club is many things to its varied membership: a place to gather with friends and meet new ones; a place for tennis or swimming or bridge; a retreat; a convenient spot for first-class dining; a certain status symbol signifying a successful career; a place for parties; a place to have one's own parties or meetings, weddings or reunions. More than anything else, it is a place to play golf. That is its middle name.The Golf Course is the centerpiece, the focus-point, the linchpin of the Mohawk Golf Club. It is, first of all, en extremely beautiful course, skillfully laid out on a basically handsome piece of land, with gorgeously green grass amid thousands of mature trees. It is meticulously maintained. The Club's Board of Governors recognizes the preeminence of the golf course's role in the past, present and future success of Mohawk.It is surely of the area's outstanding courses, but the experts' eyes can always see room for improvements, and these improvements and changes and new ideas are forever forthcoming. The course simultaneously growns and stays the same. It is a constant delight to those who have the privilege of playing it.Steeped in tradition is the cliché often applied, and appropriately, to the Mohawk Golf Course. It is feared by a few, respected by most, loved by all who truly love the game.