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Music Theatre Group Inc


The primary mission of Music-Theatre Group is to identify, develop and produce new music-theatre artists and their work. Since its inception in 1970, MTG has successfully identified and shepherded collaborative, interdisciplinary music-theatre works from commission, through development, and into full-scale productions. Our focus is the creation of works that give equal voice to both music and theatre – seminal music-theatre pieces, experimental operas, plays with sung text, and occasionally works of theatre with underscored music. Specifically, our goals are to: 1) Establish the value of new music-theatre work within the current cultural climate. 2) Produce and present the work of new music-theatre artists during the various stages of their work's life cycle. 3) Attract audiences to new music-theatre work. 4) Validate and position artists in the current cultural landscape, both within their own networks and beyond.


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