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The Southwest corner of Silver Sands Motel - where Nookies is located - was home to the original snack bar when the motel first opened in 1957. Here, we draw from traditions of yesteryear with all components made from scratch, right down to the Chocolate Malt. Imagine mint-green swivel bar stools, vibrant orange ceramic mugs, and shiny chrome details. Nookies is a haven for both simplicity and flair, where nostalgia collides with unassumingly delicious food and beverages.

The Food & Beverage offerings at Silver Sands are led by co-owner Chef Ryan Hardy (Charlie Bird and Pasquale Jones). Our menus draw inspiration from the North Fork region and the Mediterranean, incorporating fresh local produce, grilled dishes, salads, and other regionally-inspired creations. The delicious cuisine served at Nookies directly echoes the relaxed and unfussy atmosphere of the motel, encouraging guests to slow down and enjoy thoughtful and delicious bites among some of the most unique surroundings.