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Odyssey Bookstore


Odyssey Bookstore is Ithaca's newest independent bookstore, where we work to celebrate what is special and unique about our community. From your favorite classic, most anticipated new read, or the book you didn't even know you wanted, we believe Odyssey's shelves have something for everyone. When you step into the warm light of Odyssey Bookstore, you might notice that it is a soft, small place, one that is very much in contrast with the speed and vastness of the world. And yet at the same time, it is very much a part of the world-- a space for people to gather new cognitive tools, ideas, myths and legends, past events almost forgotten, and possible futures yet to occur. It is a space brought together by many hands, and one that balances contemplation with conversation. As a product of the size of the shop, careful curation of each section is a necessity. Each section contains an assortment of perspectives, from well-known and established voices, to the up-and-coming, historical, or nearly-silenced voices that you may soon grow to love. Odyssey has shelves of favorites selected by community members and staff, as well as an Ithaca Connections section that highlights all those who have spent formative years here, or still reside in the area. Since staff members each have their own favorite genres, and because locals recommend the titles they are passionate about, you are bound to find something different, fascinating, and memorable every time you step in. At Odyssey we are all about creating conversations with our community. We hope you will visit us, join our community, and become part of the conversation.


Accessible Amenities

Blind/Low Vision
  • Blind/Low Vision Accommodations:
  • Signage: Partial
  • Staff Orientation to Venue: Yes
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Mobility/Wheelchair Access
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  • Accessible Entrance: Yes
  • Accessible Route: Yes
  • Low Service Counter or Window: Yes