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Orchard Hill Cider Mill


Orchard Hill Cider Mill was inspired by a love for the great cider regions of Europe. The founders wondered why New York, which has one of the premier climates for apples, wasn’t bursting with world class cider, brandy, and pommeau producers. It was just a small step from that inspiring thought to the creation of an estate cider mill in the Hudson Valley. This cider builds on the legacy of Soons Orchards, which has been farming and growing apples since 1910. They make premium cider for wine drinkers. These ciders tend be drier, since they make ciders that they would like to drink ourselves. They love cider that reflects the contribution of quality fruit. Their mission is to put an orchard in a glass. They work to let the apples express themselves by combining a very traditional and minimalist approach to cider making, with modern winemaking techniques. The outcome is a range of refreshing and expressive ciders and pommeau.