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Osmote began in 2014 as a tenant winery within a bigger facility. In 2020, we took the plunge and moved to our own facility in Ovid, NY. A former trucking garage, the space has been converted to a fully functioning winery full of tanks, wine presses, and barrels. During bottling season, we drive in our own bottling trailer and bottle on site. The winery continues to develop and now serves a dual function of community building while it hosts smaller tenant wineries and helps other young families to foster their brands. Believing it better to trust nature and the process, Ben takes a relaxed approach in the winery. It’s not laziness or a recklessly cavalier attitude towards the craft, but instead Ben’s conviction in the potential of the Finger Lakes terroir. He has worked around the globe in France, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, and California, collecting insights abroad, all to understand the unique greatness of these New York Finger Lakes. Ben has a technical winemaking degree from Cornell University and understands the science of wine, but the raw material here begs for patience, not a technocratic winemaker. He seeks a gentler touch then, in order to develop texture alongside the bright acids of these light, ethereal wines.