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Russell's General Store


While this historic general store is owned by the Bovina Historical Society, Sara and Sohail from Brushland Eating house are the leaseholders and have turned over the running of operations to chef Antonio Mora (Daniel, Frankie's Spuntino, Prime Meats, Quality Meats) and actress-turned-expert-baker Maggie McDowell. You can stop by Russell's on weekends and pick up one of Antonio's (also known as Tiny) delicious sandwiches or one of the incredible treats made by Maggie under her Magpies on Pink Street brand. The team collaborates to make incredibly savory pot pies and other specials. You can order full pies ahead from Maggie's site or just stop by any weekend and hope that there is still something delicious left. While you can’t get gas at the now defunct pump outside, you can find a variety of exotic and basic sundries lining the shelves of Russell’s.