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Russian Orthodox Cathedral

  • 228 N.12th Street
  • Brooklyn, NY 11211

An official Path Through History Site! The founders of this parish came from Galicia, a crown land of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, located in the southeastern section of today’s Poland, north of the Carpathian Mountains. Due to economic problems and crop failures, the migration to America began about 1880. Answering the need for cheap labor and the availability of low-cost housing, they settled in the Williamsburg and Greenpoint areas of Brooklyn, and the Blissville and Maspeth sections of Queens. The architect, Louis Allmendiger, based his design for the new church on the Cathedral of the Dormition within the Moscow Kremlin, having 5 domes supported by four large columns. The church opened in 1922.It is the only example of its kind of Byzantine Revival architecture in New York.


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