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Saint Lawrence Spirits


Saint Lawrence Spirits is a farm-based distillery crafting small batch spirits, including vodka, gin, absinthe, moonshine, whiskey and bourbon. Located right on the St. Lawrence River, the Distillery and Château (previously Fairview Manor) tie in decades of history to their process. Saint Lawrence Spirits proudly proofs down their spirits with St. Lawrence River water through reverse osmosis, providing THE SPIRIT OF THE RIVER IN EVERY BOTTLE®. Saint Lawrence Spirits uses 100% New York grains in their moonshine, whiskey and bourbon, many of which are grown in Jefferson County! They offer tastings and craft cocktails at their Downtown Tasting Room, 510 Riverside Drive, Clayton, and in the on-site restaurant, Saint Lawrence Spirits Château. The Château is a farm-to-table restaurant combining local ingredients and international flavors for a very unique dining experience on the St. Lawrence River. Serving lunch, brunch & dinner year round!


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