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Schoharie County Eagle Trail


Schoharie County's love of eagles is shared on this new Eagle Trail. The majestic beauty of these birds are often observed in the following areas: Blenheim-Gilboa Project, New York Power Authority, Cobleskill Reservoir, Franklinton Vlaie Wildlife Management Area, Mine Kill State Park, Schoharie Creek Parking Fishing Access, Sterling Insurance Group, Timothy Murphy Park. Events will take place to honor and celebrate their presence in our gorgeous County! When the Iroquois (Haudenosaunee) agreed to form a confederacy of nations, the Peacemaker planted a tree to symbolize the decision. Under the tree were thrown the weapons of war. The white roots reached to the four directions bringing people to live in harmony under the protective boughs of the pine tree. An eagle surmounted the tree to warn the people of impending danger. Essential to peace is vigilance. The eagle represents this watchfulness. The eagle to the Iroquois suggests the sun, the guardianship of the Tree of Peace, and the tradition of bravery.