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The Wood Bat Factory


We Are Passionate About Baseball. And Wood. The Wood Bat Factory is your one-stop-shop for the best brands in wood baseball bats! We carry the top brands from around the world, all under one roof. We also offer amazing Custom Engraved Trophy Bats, Awards, and Gifts, for Teams, Coaches, Players, and even Moms!

Our Custom Engraved, and Painted Designs are light years ahead of our competitors. Check them out - you'll be glad you did! We believe that every player, of every skill level, should use a wood baseball bat. There's a reason pro players only use wood. A wood bat provides better feedback than a metal bat ever could. When your hands sting, it's an indicator that you didn't hit the ball well. More often than not - you probably shouldn't have swung!

Using a wood bat is the only way to get the required feedback that teaches batting fundamentals, like pitch discipline. As you progress further into competitive baseball career you want your batting fundamentals, and habits to be instinctual. Using a wood bat - even if it's just in practice - is the only way this is achieved. So come in and let us help find the perfect wood bat for you! All of our bats are made from split billets. This means that every bat in our inventory started out as the perfect piece of wood, and was manufactured in a way that guarantees a straight grain through the handle - all but eliminating bat breakage due to slope of grain failure - which is the number one reason behind multi-piece fractures. Using a split billet-made wood bat means a safer, stronger, better wood bat.

We also offer a full line of batting gloves, bat weights, bat bags, apparel, and more. Stop by The Wood Bat Factory. It's a can't miss part of your trip to Cooperstown.

Swing Like A Pro.