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We start our season on Lake Ontario by fishing for Brown Trout. The Browns average 6 to 10 pounds and it's not uncommon to catch them weighing well into the teens. The Brown Trout fishing in Mexico Bay is excellent during this time of the season. As the season progresses, we head out to deeper water for Salmon. Coho Salmon; Steelhead, which range from 5 to 20 pounds; and Lake Trout averaging 10 pounds and upward. By August, HUGE numbers of LARGE adult KING SALMON are making their way into Mexico Bay and staging prior to their run up the famous Salmon River. The fishing for these BRUTES out on the Lake usually goes on through September. We like to see our clients get involved with the whole fishing experience but, if you have never fished for Kings, the best advice anyone could give you is to sit back and relax because when that rod releases you're in for a battle. The first run is usually the longest one, screaming line out 100 to 200 feet and sometimes more. These fish average 18 to 25 pounds, it's not uncommon to catch them in the 30 pound class. It's also not uncommon to have multiple hook-ups, where 2 or 3 and sometimes more rods are hooked up with fish at the same time. That's when the excitement level gets turned up a notch or two. We have been there many times before. Our current Boat record for Lake Ontario is a 32 pound King Salmon. During the season the up to date boat record will be posted on the Boat. We do not always have the time to post the most current record to our website on a daily basis. If you beat the most current record aboard our Boat, you will win a FREE 5 Hour Charter Fishing Trip! (Limited to one winner per Charter)

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