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Windy Hill Candle Factory

  • 5199 NY Route 79
  • Port Crane, NY 13833
  • (607) 693-2200
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The proud “Home to Candyland: The Sweetest Place on Earth,” Windy Hill is the place to get your fill of hand-crafted treats. Specializing in hard-to-find “retro” candies, Windy Hill promises to help adults rediscover favorites from childhood and children to enjoy products made in the vein of yesteryear’s sweets. And of course there’s a huge selection of candles, air fresheners, soaps, and more! People loved the new items so we kept adding more and started Candyland. Within six months candy was outselling our candles that we have sold since 1995! So we continue to look for the new items and add them to our retro items.


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