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Want to be listed on I Love NY? Read below for guidelines and to request access

First, click here to see if your attraction or accommodation listing is already featured. Click here to see if your event listing is already featured.

Please read the following guidelines to see if any new accommodations, attractions or event listings you are looking to add qualify and ensure that your existing listings are modified to comply with the new specifications. Partners will have until the end of the 2019 calendar year to make modifications; current listings that do not meet these guidelines may be delisted starting on January 2, 2020. Please note that approvals can take up to 10 business days.


  • Events and venues must be of interest to and able to attract visitors from outside of a 50-mile radius.

  • Events should encourage at least 25% of attendees to obtain an overnight stay in the vicinity—the event should not be geared mainly towards local residents.

  • At least two photos and/or videos that meet quality specifications must be submitted for a venue listing and at least one photo and/or video that meet quality specifications must be submitted for an event to be considered for inclusion.

  • Venues must have a current website or Facebook page, email address and phone number listed (unless it’s a state-owned entity such as a Welcome Center).

  • Venues must be open to the public at least 5 days per week, including at least one weekend day, with operating hours a minimum of 6 hours per each day open. Exceptions can be made for seasonal attractions or attractions with seasonal hours that meet all other criteria.

  • Venues that have been open for at least a year must have a minimum rating of 3.5/5 on at least two of either Yelp, TripAdvisor or Google based on at least 10 reviews.

  • Venues and events must be legally operated according to NYS tax, health, and local city codes, laws and regulations. Venues must have an ADA-compliant entrance (permanent; or with portable ramp/lift and a contact number to request). Exceptions can be made for certain outdoor adventure and historical attractions that do not have to be accessible to meet ADA guidelines.

  • Descriptions need to be between 250 and 1500 characters (not words) to be accepted into the database.

  • Any listing that does not get 10 or more pageviews (website and app combined) in one year will be submitted to the TPA for review and re-certification.

  • I LOVE NY reserves the right to reject or rewrite any listing that does not have a compelling headline or description.

  • Listings should only be deactivated if an accommodation or attraction either: 1) no longer meets I LOVE NY listing guidelines; or 2) the accommodation or attraction has gone out of business.

  • Deactivations for any other reason must first receive written approval from I LOVE NY editorial staff at ilny-listings@esd.ny.gov.

  • The following organizations qualify for a partner login:

    • TPA

    • Local Chamber of Commerce

    • Convention and Visitors Bureau

    • New York State tourism industry association (i.e. NYSTIA, NYSHTA, etc.)

    • New York State government agency (i.e. State Parks, DEC, etc.)

    • Must-see attractions, as determined by NYS Division of Tourism


  • Image size requirements call for a maximum of 1920 x 1080 pixels landscape, JPG format at 72 DPI.

  • Minimum size is 580 x 326. No vertical images or images that feature text or logos please.

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If you qualify to have your attraction, accommodation, or event listed, click HERE to find a partner you should contact to submit your listing.



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