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Letchworth State Park - Middle Falls

Find the most beautiful destinations right here in New York State. From breathtaking mountaintops and majestic waterfalls to unique architecture and stunning landscapes, get ready to take an Instagram-worthy photo. Start planning your visit to New York State’s most Instagrammable locations. We’ve chosen one for each region featuring Instagram posts from travelers, listing a few other notable spots in each region as well. Discover your favorite. and remember to follow @iloveny for even more inspiration! 

A building on the grounds of the John Brown Farm State Historic Site

February marks Black History Month, and New York state is filled with African American history, with unique experiences related to jazz music, sports and icons like Jackie Robinson, culturally-rich neighborhoods like Harlem, and important sites such as John Brown Farm (pictured) and the Harriet Tubman Home. New York state played an important role in the Underground Railroad, which helped tens of thousands of African Americans escape slavery. In recognition of Black History Month, from parks and historic sites to music and culture, here are 11 places to experience black history in New York State.

Bristol Mountain

Does having the most ski resorts in the country make New York State the capital of skiing? We think so! When it comes to skiing and snowboarding—and pretty much all things fun in the snow—New York’s options are plentiful and diverse. We’ve compiled a list of the best skiing destinations to fit your unique needs, whether you’re a beginner, a pro, or trying to please a bunch of different people! Read on to find your dream ski trip in New York.

Niagara Falls State Park - Photo Courtesy of Beautiful Destinations

There's no denying that waterfalls are some of the most spectacular (and Instagram-worthy) of Mother Nature's creations. Upstate New York, thanks to tens of thousands of years of shifting plates and erosion (and occasionally human engineering), is home to some incredibly stunning falls. Here's just a few of the gorgeous waterfalls you'll want to snap a selfie in front of this fall.

Letchworth State Park

What activity will get your heart rate up while offering stunning views and tranquil moments to whisk you away from life's daily pressures? Winter hiking in New York! Sure, you need to be prepared (here are helpful tips from the Department of Environmental Conservation), but once you're hiking one of New York's many scenic trails in winter, you'll experience the state's beauty in new and inspiring ways while getting in some outdoor exercise. Here's our round-up of 10 of the best winter hikes in New York State:

Niagara Falls State Park

New York is dotted with waterfalls that are lovely (and highly Insta-worthy) any time of year. But there’s something extra special about these natural wonders in winter. The frozen water and mist look truly spectacular—​even with #nofilter—​and there are fewer folks competing with you for the perfect shot. Here are just a few of New York’s most picturesque waterfalls that will be putting on quite a show for the next few months. Now get out there and start taking your own pics—​and don’t forget to share your shots with us using #iSpyNY and #NYLovesWinter!

Bristol Mountain Ski Center - Photo by NYS ESD

Begin 2020 by diving into new sights, sounds, tastes, and experiences! Whether you are going to see a two-for-one musical on Broadway, sample wings in Poughkeepsie, learn to ski or snowboard on one of the many ski mountains across the state, or take the plunge into icy Lake George, New York State is full of January happenings! Don’t let the cold keep you in, check out these New York must-dos! 

The Sagamore Resort, Fall

Are you dreaming of the perfect vacation? Make your dreams a reality and book your 2020 New York State getaway now before it’s too late! Booking in advance ensures your spot is reserved and can even help you save money. With unforgettable lakeside views, exciting new attractions, and thrilling adventures get ready for a truly unique New York experience in 2020. …