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  • Lincoln funeral procession in Albany, 1865

New York, Lincoln and the Civil War

To commemorate the 150th anniversary of Lincoln's death, New York's Path Through History highlights sites and events that explore President Lincoln, the Civil War and their connection to the Empire State.

Seward House Photo Credit to Kristian ReynoldsNew York helped propel Abraham Lincoln onto the national stage, and his presidency and legacy have deep ties to the state.  His speech at New York City's Cooper Union transformed him into a compelling candidate for president.  New Yorkers were leaders in America's anti-slavery movement that set the stage for the Civil War, and the state provided more money and soldiers to the war than any other, including Lincoln's General-in-Chief.  The 1865 funeral train carrying Lincoln's slain body brought out tens of thousands of mourners both for public viewings in New York City, Albany and Buffalo, and all along the train route as well.  

150 years later, New York's Path Through History is ready to take visitors to sites pivotal to Lincoln and his times: Grant's Tomb

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