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Aloha Japanese Bento Express


Aloha Japanese Bento Express is the first restaurant in Central New York to bring together the unique, but complementary flavors of Burma, Japan and Hawaii. Born in Burma, the chef and owner spent his young adult years cooking homey Burmese food for his family and friends, drawing from recipes passed down through generations and incorporating modern and regional ingredients. The Japanese influence was born in a formal setting through restaurants in Japan where Zaw learned the art of cooking from Japanese chefs from all around the country with various influences, spending more than 10 years in the kitchen. Zaw continued to hone his craft in Hawaii as a Japanese chef, while balancing the unique tastes and flavors of Hawaiian Culture. Aloha is Zaw's masterpiece, it is the perfect meeting of cultures, a delicate contrast between Burmese, Japanese and Hawaiian flavors that make for unique but delicious and hearty dishes.


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