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  • View from Belleayre Mountain, Catskills

Fall Foliage Report

Colorful Peak Foliage Expected Throughout Catskills This Weekend

Leaf Colors

Salmon River

Gore Mountain

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Week of October 13-19, 2021


Peak Colors Also Anticipated in Areas of Adirondacks, Thousand Islands-Seaway, Chautauqua-Allegheny, and Central New York Regions

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This is the sixth 2021 I LOVE NY Fall Foliage Report for New York State. Reports are obtained from volunteer field observers and reflect expected color conditions for the coming weekend. Reports are issued every Wednesday afternoon. I LOVE NY urges travelers to follow all COVID-related public health and safety guidelines while enjoying the foliage this season. Visitors should call ahead and check websites and social media to make sure attractions are open and available. More information on New York State travel and COVID-19 is available here.

Beautiful peak foliage will be found in most areas of the Catskills region this weekend, along with areas of the Adirondacks, Thousand Islands-Seaway, Chautauqua-Allegheny, and Central New York regions, according to volunteer observers for Empire State Development’s I LOVE NY program.

More Color Reports
  • Catskills

    In the Catskills, Delaware County spotters reporting from Delhi predict peak foliage this weekend, with up to 90% percent color change and muted-to-average rust and orange leaves, along with some bright yellow in higher elevations. In Greene County near Hotel Vienna in Windham, peak foliage with nearly complete leaf change featuring yellow, orange, and some green leaves of average brilliance is expected. Reports from the upper elevations of the county (above 1500 feet) predict peak to just-past-peak foliage, with red, orange, and yellow leaves of above-average brilliance, along with some purple. In Ulster County, foliage will be peak at Belleayre Mountain Ski Area in Highmount, with muted-to-average shades of red and yellow. Volunteers in West Shokan are predicting near-peak to peak foliage, with up to 90% color change featuring very bright yellows and some bright reds. Colors are brighter and more beautiful in higher elevations. In Kingston, foliage will be at midpoint of change, with color transition around 45-50% and bright green, red, and yellow leaves. Sullivan County observers from Forestburgh, about 20 miles from Port Jervis, expect peak foliage this weekend, with 75% color change and brilliant yellows, oranges, and reds, along with muted shades of wine, gold, and peach. Spotters in Swan Lake also expect peak foliage, with more than 60% color transition and bright, quickly changing yellow leaves, along with some red and orange of average brilliance.

  • Adirondacks

    In the Adirondacks, Essex County spotters predict peak foliage at Whiteface Mountain in Wilmington this weekend, with more than 80% color change and brilliant red, orange, yellow, and purple leaves. Observers in Schroon Lake and Newcomb are also predicting peak conditions, with bright shades of orange and yellow, and some reds. Lake Placid reports expect foliage to be past-peak with some shades of red, orange, and yellow remaining. Volunteers near Lake Champlain in Crown Point predict that leaves will be at midpoint of change this weekend, with 50-60% color transition and muted-to-average shades of gold and rust, along with an occasional splash of orange or red.

    In Franklin County, peak foliage will arrive in the Malone and Mountain View areas this weekend with 95% color change and very brilliant yellows and oranges, and deep reds. Foliage will be just-past-peak but still picturesque in Tupper Lake and Mt. Arab, where reports predict 95% color change showcasing bronze, ginger, canary, turmeric, and pumpkin leaves of above-average brilliance, along with intermittent hues of scarlet and burgundy, and various yellow tints against a cinnamon backdrop. Many of the leaves are still intact and should continue to provide exceptional leaf-peeping opportunities. Foliage will be past-peak in Saranac Lake, with nearly complete leaf transformation. Yellow and orange leaves remain, but are starting to drop, and the overall landscape is becoming less vibrant.

    In Hamilton County, Lake Pleasant spotters predict peak foliage with nearly complete leaf change and average-to-bright shades of yellow and orange. In Herkimer County, Old Forge will have just-past-peak foliage with near-total leaf change. The color brilliance is declining slightly, but there are still a lot of very bright oranges, golds, and yellows, along with many darkening reds, and falling leaves have made a rich yellow-gold blanket covering the forest floor. In Warren County, reports from Queensbury predict near-peak foliage, with 75% color change and rapidly transitioning bright red and yellow leaves. Observers in Lake George are also predicting near-peak hues, with up to 65% color change and mostly yellow, along with orange leaves of varying brilliance, and some pops of vivid red in the northern portion of the county, where colors are noticeably brighter.

  • Thousand Islands-Seaway

    In the Thousand Islands-Seaway region, peak will arrive in St. Lawrence County this weekend, according to spotters in Canton. Look for 70% color change with brilliant red and orange leaves, along with some bright yellow. Jefferson County reports from Wellesley Island and inland predict near-peak and peak conditions this weekend, with more than 90% color change in some places and a brilliant range of fall colors. Foliage will be near-peak in parts of Oswego County. The northern portion of the county is awash with bright reds, oranges and yellows, while muted green shades are giving way to pops of color in the southern part.

  • Chautauqua-Allegheny

    In the Chautauqua-Allegheny region, Cattaraugus County observers in Little Valley are anticipating peak conditions with 70% color transition and bright, beautiful shades of yellow and light orange, along with pops of bright orange and red. Leaves will be just-past-peak at Allegany State Park with 60% color change and muted yellow leaves. Foliage throughout the park is still colorful, and the oaks are just starting to transition. In Chautauqua County, spotters in Chautauqua expect near-peak foliage this weekend, with 65% color change and average-to-bright shades of yellow, orange, and red, especially near Chautauqua Institution and Panama Rocks.

  • Central New York

    In Central New York, foliage conditions expected to be near-peak to peak this weekend in Madison County, according to spotters at Stone Quarry Hill Art Park in Cazenovia. Expect 65% color change and average-to-bright citrus oranges and yellows. Leaves will also be heading toward peak in Broome County around Binghamton, where 65% or more color change is predicted, highlighted by bright seasonal colors. Near Herkimer in the southern part of Herkimer County, reports predict that leaves will be 60% changed and between midpoint and near-peak, with muted shades of yellow and red. Montgomery County observers at Sand Flats Orchard in Fonda predict up to 75% change and near-peak foliage, with bright orange, yellow, and red leaves emerging throughout the Mohawk Valley. In Otsego County, Cooperstown observers are predicting near-peak foliage, with 70% color change and average shades of green, yellow, and orange, along with some reds. Many leaves have already dropped, reducing the overall brilliance. Utica spotters in Oneida County predict foliage approaching midpoint of change, with muted-to-average orange and yellow leaves, along with touches of red and some browning. About 55-65% color transition and foliage at midpoint-to-near-peak of change is anticipated in Schoharie County around Seward, where red and yellow leaves pop against an otherwise orange, brown, and green backdrop. More color change has been observed inland than along waterways.

  • Capital-Saratoga

    In the Capital-Saratoga region, Fulton County foliage spotters at Mountain Lake in Bleecker predict near-peak foliage this weekend with 75% color change and bright shades orange and red, with some emerging sumac reds. Albany County reports from Cohoes Falls and along I-787 toward Albany predict 60-65% change and near-peak conditions, with muted yellow, orange, rust, and red leaves, along with some leaf droppage. Eastern Rensselaer County observers predict near-peak foliage with 60-65% color change and a good mix of brilliant purplish-red leaves, along with various shades of red, orange, and yellow. In Saratoga County, Saratoga Springs, 55-60% color change and near-peak foliage is expected, featuring a bright rainbow of yellows, oranges, reds, and greens.

  • Finger Lakes

    In the Finger Lakes, Steuben County observers in Corning predict near-peak conditions with 80% color change and average-to-bright seasonal hues. In Tioga County, Owego spotters predict 60% color transition and foliage at midpoint of change, with red, brown, yellow, and green leaves of average brilliance. In the Chemung County town of Elmira, reports expect midpoint to near-peak foliage, with 50% color change and orange, red, rust, and green leaves of average brilliance. In Tompkins County, foliage is approaching near-peak conditions in the hillside surrounding Ithaca, while leaves in the city and along Cayuga Lake will be less changed. Overall, expect 45% color change with average-to-bright yellow leaves, along with pops of orange and red in higher elevations. In Monroe County, reports from Greece expect nearly 60% color change and a good blend of bright red, orange, yellow, and green leaves. Despite some still visible green foliage, some of the bright yellow locust leaves are beginning to fall. It is expected that even at peak, there will still be green foliage visible, especially closer to lakeside Lake Ontario, while will colors be bolder into the hills and inland, south and west of the city.

    Schuyler County reports from Watkins Glen and Montour Falls expect foliage to be at midpoint of change with 50% color transition and touches of red among bright shades of gold. Foliage should reach midpoint of change in Wayne County around Lyons, where trees are at 55% transition featuring muted red and orange leaves. In Yates County, up to 40% change is predicted with yellow leaves of average brilliance, along with some orange and brown leaves. Livingston County spotters in Geneseo predict up to 35% change with mostly green leaves. In Cayuga County, Auburn observers are predicting foliage around midpoint of change and a little less than 30% transition, with orange and yellow leaves of average brilliance. Onondaga County reports from Bear Lake Nature Center in Baldwinsville anticipate more than 35% change, between just changing and midpoint, with muted shades of dark red, and burnt orange leaves. In Syracuse, spotters at Burnet Park predict 20% change this weekend, with touches of red in the mostly green trees, and some yellow. In Ontario County, spotters in Canandaigua are predicting up to 25% color change with mostly green leaves.

  • Greater Niagara

    In the Greater Niagara region, Erie County foliage spotters in East Aurora predict that foliage will range between midpoint and near-peak of change, with 60% color transition and muted shades of yellow and orange. Volunteers in Buffalo predict leaves approaching midpoint of change, with 35% color transition and bright fall shades of red, orange, and yellow. In Genesee County, observers in Byron also expect foliage around midpoint of change, with 35% color transition and a mix of muted fall shades. In Niagara County, Lewiston reports expect foliage to be at midpoint of change with 40% color change and some brilliant yellow, orange, and red leaves. Niagara Falls spotters predict 35% color change and midpoint conditions with increasing amounts of yellow leaves of average brilliance, along with shades of orange and red. In Wyoming County, reports from Warsaw expect 50% color change with average to bright yellow, red, and green leaves. At Letchworth State Park, leaves are 40% changed and conditions are approaching midpoint, with average shades of yellow and orange.

  • Hudson Valley

    In the Hudson Valley, Dutchess County volunteers in Poughkeepsie predict 60% color change and bright, near-peak foliage of yellow and orange, along with some spots of red and green. Spotters reporting from Beacon and Fishkill expect around 40% change with red and yellow leaves of average brilliance. Not as much color change is noticeable on the mountains, which are still mostly green, while more change is visible at ground level. Leaves will be at midpoint of change in Columbia County around Hudson, with 40% transition and average-to-bright burnt sienna, gold, and yellow leaves, along with touches of red. Orange County spotters in Newburgh predict foliage approaching midpoint of change with orange and red leaves of average brilliance, and a considerable amount of remaining green. Observers in Goshen predict 25% change with average-to-bright touches of orange and red, and foliage observers in Cornwall expect 20% or more color change by the weekend, with emerging yellow leaves, and some orange-red. In Putnam County, Cold Spring spotters expect around 10% change with touches of golden-yellow, red, and orange leaves appearing over the muted green backdrop.

    Rockland County foliage spotters in New City predict up to 50% foliage change and conditions approaching midpoint, with bright orange, yellow, and red leaves joining the still mostly green backdrop. At Bear Mountain State Park in Bear Mountain, look for 45% change with muted yellow and red leaves emerging. Foliage should be reaching midpoint of change this weekend in Westchester County, according to White Plains spotters, who predict 45% color transition and a good mix of bright red, green, and yellow leaves.

  • Long Island

    On Long Island, Nassau County reports from East Meadow predict 25% color change with some yellow, orange, red, and purple leaves of average brilliance. Overall, trees in Nassau County and western Suffolk County are beginning to change, with anywhere from 10 to 25% projected by the weekend depending on the area. Parkways including the Northern State, Southern State, Meadowbrook and Wantagh are still mostly green with some trees starting to change color. Trees around lakes and ponds and areas closer to the waterfront on both the north shore and south shore are showing more change, with 30% or more transition in a few areas expected. Volunteers at Hempstead Lake Park in Hempstead predict more than 45% change this weekend featuring large patches of bright maroon, crimson, lemon yellow, golden yellow, and rust. Spotters at Valley Stream State Park predict more than 10% change and mostly green leaves becoming more yellow. In Suffolk County, North Shore reports from Sunken Meadow State Park and Kings Park are expecting 20% change, with muted touches of yellow and red. Sycamore trees are nearly all changed in the center of Sunken Meadow, and some black walnut trees are changing, while maples are taking their time. Observers from Montauk Point in The Hamptons are expecting less than 10% color change this weekend, with mostly green leaves.

  • New York City

    In New York City, volunteers reporting from the Sunset Park neighborhood in south Brooklyn predict 30% color change with mostly green leaves, and some oranges and reds of average brilliance. Spotters from the DUMBO area predict 30% foliage change with yellow leaves of average brilliance, while observers in Williamsburg and Greenpoint are expecting a little more than 10% transition with bright yellow, rust, gold, and light green leaves, along with some early droppage. In the Bronx, Morris Park reports predict 20% change with red and yellow leaves of average brilliance. On Staten Island, spotters in Snug Harbor expect 35% change with muted-to-average touches of red, yellow, and orange. Up to 15% transition is expected for the Upper West Side of Manhattan, where foliage change is still minimal.

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