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Bethel Woods Center For The Arts


Nestled in the Sullivan Catskills, on the National Register Historic Site of the 1969 Woodstock festival, is a cultural destination like no other. Bethel Woods Center for the Arts is where shared experiences become memories that last a lifetime. Immerse yourself in The Museum dedicated to the 1960s and the Woodstock festival. Stand in the footprint of the stage where Hendrix made history and imagine an audience of 500,000 stretching as far as the eye can see.



  • Wheelchair Accessible:

Things To Do

Art & Culture
  • Music:
  • Performing Arts:
  • Performing Arts Museum:
  • Blue Star Museum (Military personnel and families):

Accessible Amenities

Blind/Low Vision
  • Blind/Low Vision Accommodations:
  • Signage: Yes
  • Elevator with Braille or Raised Print Buttons: Yes
  • Staff Orientation to Venue: Yes
  • Special Programs: Yes
Cognitive/Autism Spectrum
  • Cognitive/Autism Spectrum Accommodations:
  • Special Programs: Yes
Deaf and/or Hearing Loss
  • Deaf and/or Hearing Loss Accommodations:
  • ASL Interpreter: Yes
  • Special Programs: Yes
  • Accessible Amenities:
  • Accessible Car Parking Onsite: Yes
  • Assistive Equipment: Yes
  • Unisex/Companion Bathroom: Yes
  • Disability Discount: Yes
  • Special Programs: Yes
  • Service Animal Relief: Yes
Mobility/Wheelchair Access
  • Mobility/Wheelchair Access Accommodations:
  • Accessible Bathroom: Yes
  • Accessible Entrance: Yes
  • Accessible Route: Yes
  • Accessible Transportation/Shuttle: Yes
  • Accessible Elevator: Yes
  • Seating/Bench: Yes
  • Special Programs: Yes
  • Accessible Guided Tour: Yes
  • Accessible Seating - Auditorium/Theater: Yes

Bethel Woods Center for the Arts

Catskills, Bethel

Jun 15, 2024 - Jun 16, 2024

Bethel Woods Museum