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Boldt Castle


This 120-room Rhineland-style castle and yacht house built at the turn of the 20th century are the 1000 Islands region's top attraction. Boldt Castle is home to one of the saddest love stories every told. Wander the halls and imagine what could have been if tragedy had not struck. Boldt Castle is the story of one man's devotion to his beloved wife and a dream that went unfulfilled. Visitors to Boldt Castle return often to see rehabilitation work done on various island buildings and rooms within the castle. They admire the grandeur of the completed rooms while observing the toll that more than 70 unguarded years took on the upper floors. The castle is accessible by tour boat, water taxi and private watercraft and is handicap accessible. Boldt Castle is located in the U.S., so passengers arriving by boat from Canada must provide proper identification for U.S. Customs and Border Protection clearance. A Path Through History attraction.



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