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Gingold Theatrical Group, Inc.


Gingold Theatrical Group (GTG) is dedicated to promoting Human Rights using the work of George Bernard Shaw as our platform. GTG’s goal is to carve a permanent niche for Shaw’s work within the social and cultural life of New York; bringing his canon and precepts to larger audiences while encouraging individuals to breathe these humanist ideals into their lives. Shaw’s plays empower the individual through remarkable characters (including women and minorities long before it was politically current) who challenge societal expectations through bold personal choices. Founded in 2006, GTG brings together performers, critics, students, academics and the general public in common cause to experience, explore and perform Shaw’s great works, and to create new work based on the values that Shaw promulgated in his writings. Through performances, symposiums, educational programs, new play commissions, and outreach, GTG encourages all people to embrace these fundamental values.


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