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Inns of Aurora

Aurora Inn Exterior
Photo Credit: Inns of Aurora
Rowland House Room
Photo Credit: Inns of Aurora
Rowland House Lakeside Lawn
Photo Credit: Inns of Aurora
The Spa at the Inns of Aurora
Photo Credit: Inns of Aurora

The iconic Finger Lakes resort, the Inns of Aurora brings the art of restoration to life.

Poised at the edge of Cayuga Lake, the Inns of Aurora is a collection of historic estates lovingly restored and united to become a luxury resort standing on 350 acres of bucolic landscape. Evading easy explanation, the Inns of Aurora combines history with modern luxury, layering the spirit of a simpler time with a contemporary approach to wellness, hospitality, and design.

The centerpiece of the Aurora experience is the lake: its natural abundance provides ingredients to our restaurants, creates opportunities for adventure and relaxation, and nurtures the rich landscape under our feet. It’s the focal point of our hilltop spa, and the place we return to every dawn and dusk to watch the sun rise and set.

Removed both physically and emotionally from the pace of modern life, the Inns of Aurora is a place that one must travel to reach. For those who do, a deeply restorative experience of natural beauty and heartfelt hospitality awaits.